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What does Rick Perry like about Texas? He'll tell you, in new travel video with Gary P. Nunn

Rick Perry with Gary P. Nunn

Loving Texas is an apolitical endeavor. Those who tout the state's virtues don't always agree on which Hill Country barbecue is best or whether an opponent should be Hooked or Gigged. But, one thing that's not controversial is just how many things there are to like about Texas. As legendary singer-songwriter Gary P. Nunn is fond of saying, if we were to list them all, "we'd be here all night long."

But, listing them out or, rather, showing them, is just what a new effort by the Texas Travel Industry Association is all about. The What I Like About Texas campaign seeks "narratives and visual contributions" from social media users to "help create an important digital history with reasons we live here, stay here, or visit here."

Something tells us it won't be hard finding willing participants to use the hashtag, #WhatILikeAboutTexas, on their own Very Texan Moments.

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