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Instagram Social Feed App

No moderation, no hashtag

Twitter Social Feed App

No moderation, no doesn't work

Feeder Ninja Social Feed App

Limited moderation, won't allow for more than 2 feeds even though we own the Pro (Premium Upgrade) 

Tech support slow, slower, unhelpful

Instagram Only Social Feed App

No moderation, up to 20 hashtags and accounts

Nice layout options.

Galerie Social Gallery Feed App

No moderation, no hashtag, limited functionality

Really just a slideshow

Social Stream Social Feed App

Wonky moderation, 

Currently Pro member, 

Social Media Stream Feed App

Amazing Moderation - Premium 

Wonky, Poor Tech Support

This is what I want to use, but i cannot add more than two sources currently. 

Emailed 4 times with Customer Service, they continue to say they are looking into it. doubtful...

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